About Catalyst Investment Management

We decided to create our firm for several reasons. First, we work well with each other and have developed a strong professional relationship and network. As investment advice becomes more commoditized, we want to focus on people – their needs, concerns, goals and dreams. We value our relationships with our clients. In fact, we consider our clients friends.

Kim and Nick worked together for many years at Charles Schwab and Co. Nick led the financial planning team and Kim was a key planner serving the Northern New England market. Together they helped create the foundation for the financial planning efforts of Charles Schwab that have grown and succeeded to this day.

Since their time at Schwab they have pursued different paths while still helping individuals achieve their goals and to mitigate the risks that can negatively impact these goals. Kim has served individuals with her financial planning acumen and investment management wisdom. Nick has led large teams that help investors and in the past 2 years has taken interest in helping seniors navigate the Medicare labyrinth.

Please contact us for a complimentary analysis. We look forward to helping you achieve financial peace of mind.