Why Catalyst Investment Management?

You will enjoy financial peace of mind. The markets can be complicated. We cut through the jargon and help you understand what is going on. And, we save you time by researching market opportunities. As fiduciaries we promise you honesty, integrity, candor, and scrupulous good faith.

  • We are unconflicted by commissions.
  • We tell you things you need to hear.
  • You benefit from our 60+ years of experience.
  • Most importantly, you achieve your dreams.

Financial Services

Our History

Kim and Nick worked together for many years at Charles Schwab and Co. Nick led the financial planning team and Kim was a key planner serving the Northern New England market. Together they helped create the foundation for the financial planning efforts of Charles Schwab that have grown and succeeded to this day.

Mission Statement

Our aim is to provide our clients with financial peace of mind through market wisdom, integrity and strong personal relationships.